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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

I have known Scott Hartsell for over 25 years.  I havd worked with him both in the Martial arts and Law enforcement. Mr. Hartsell is a wonderful instructor. He is excellent at getting his point across and has the ability to teach on anyones level.  He is eager to help and really knows his stuff. I highly reccommend his services.

Sheriff Irwin Carmichael

Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office


Scott Hartsell and I work together teaching classes to Law enforcement officers and Coorporate security.  Mr. Hartsell has developed several unique courses designed to educate Law enforcement and security professsionals on better ways to use force in the preformance of their duties. I believe that this training saves lives and is Invaluable in todays modern world.  

Scott Minderlein

NC State alcohol Law Enforcement


Master Hartsell is great with both kids and adults alike. I was looking for a place that I could take karate right along side of both my girls. MATI is the perfect place for kids and parents to study and learn Karate together. Master Hartsell challenged both me and my girls. We're coming up on our 3rd degree blackbelt test (all three of us) and we'll all be testing together. Great training, great leadership and the development of great two great young ladies. Master Hartsell has done so much for our family's development, growth and security. I highly recommend Master Hartsell for kids and adults of all ages. You're never too old to start.

S. Sloan


Master Hartsell has been a great influence in my child's life. He has taught her to be respectful, confident, and how to defend herself. He teaches the children to keep a positive attitude and to never say they can't do something. I took my daughter to MATI for a free trial a few years ago and she loved it and loved Master Hartsell. This is actually this first activity that she has stuck with. I have noticed a huge change in her confidence level. Not only has Master Hartsell taught my daughter so many valuable life skills but he has also taught me some things I never realized about my child. Master Hartsell has so much experience with so many different children that I think sometimes he knows more about my child and what she is thinking than I do. I cannot stress enough how great he is with children! I also like the fact that there is plenty of space for parents to watch class, socialize with other parents, or quietly read a book. MATI is affordably priced and conveniently located. With the free trial offer there is nothing to lose, so go try it out!

L. Wilson

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